As Nashville branding experts, our job is to bring your dreams for your business to life. This can be a tricky spot. Because of course, we want to just create exactly what you have in your mind’s eye, but we also want to make sure that what we create for you is going to help you achieve your goals. And those two desires are not always in alignment.

So, how do we balance this? Well, it’s really quite simple. We have to do what we know is going to serve you well. And then we’ve got to get you to buy in. We’ve got to provide you with expert-level knowledge that will help you understand why it is that we refused to include your favorite colors and a hand-drawn butterfly in your logo.

Let’s start with this. Each of our branding projects is backed by research. We dive deep into who you are as a company, what you do, what your differentiators are, who your competition is, and what the climate of your market is like. Then, our team of multi-talented creatives, including graphic designers, strategists, project managers and copywriters, hold a giant brainstorm to determine a direction for your project. Only once we’ve all worked together to position your company as it should be positioned within the market do we get started on design aspects of your project.

Trust The Branding Experts You Hired

We say all this because we want you to understand that we know what we’re doing. Everything we do is in your best interest. We promise. And apparently, you know what you’re doing, too! You hired us, didn’t you? And we know that this decision wasn’t made lightly. Over the years, we’ve come to understand the process our clients undergo as they’re looking to hire an expert to guide their branding exercise. You’ve likely interviewed several firms, spoken with our team at length, reviewed our proposal and process, and studied our work.

So, we know that you know that we know what we’re doing. Now, you’ve got to trust the process and trust the branding experts you’ve hired.

Again, our goal is to create a brand that will work for you.

But What About My Opinions?

Your opinions are important. You’re our client. We are always open to knowing what you think, and, more importantly, why you think it. We aren’t in the business of creating your favorite thing with your favorite colors in your favorite fonts. We’re in the business of creating brands that drive sales, build reputations and create conversions. So if you have an issue with something that’s created, tell us the problem. And let us solve it.

Here is an example of how we sometimes see this go down:


So, I like this logo, but I don’t like the colors. My favorite color is red. Can you change it so the logo is red?

Branding Experts:

We place a high value on the colors chosen for your project. We don’t just create a palette that looks good. We take into consideration industry standards, color psychology of the colors and how that impacts the feel of your brand, and colors that will look great throughout all of your brand support.

Let us know what colors you’re into, but be prepared for a good, honest analysis of why the colors you want may or may not work for your brand.


I love when a website has their site index in the navigation menu. Can you add all of my services into my nav bar?

Branding Experts:

Website trends have changed so much in the last decade. In the past, websites were primarily for storing information about your business. Nowadays, though, user-experience is the top priority. The vast majority of web traffic comes from mobile, which means that an organized nav bar and a CTA are the only things that should be at the top of your page.


Can you swap out my brand fonts for these two fonts instead of those?

Branding Experts:

We create font pairs that combine to convey a certain emotion. A lot of thought goes into pairing up fonts. We want to give you something that is a fresh as possible. We promise, you don’t want your logo to be laughable in ten years.

Your fonts need to be clear on everything from a business card to a billboard. They need to be web-friendly, embroidery-friendly and print-friendly. Trust us on this one, you’re going to want us to pick your fonts.


I want to add yellow into my website. I know we haven’t used it yet in the brand, but I think it will look really good.

Branding Experts:

Keeping your brand intact requires relentless commitment to consistency. Changing it up all of a sudden with a mismatched element – any mismatched element – might lose the attention of your customer. Disconnects are the worst possible thing that can happen in the mind of your clients, customers and partners.

These are just a few examples of opinions trying to block good branding. But you get the idea.

You’ve hired us to be your branding experts, so give trusting us a try when it comes to some of the hard decisions. We’ve been around the branding block a couple of times. We’re committed to making things work out in your favor.

If you’re looking for a branding agency dedicated to protecting your brand, give us a call. We’d love to work with you.

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