Have you ever wondered exactly what our branding firm does? We get this question often. There are many misconceptions when it comes to branding firms. A lot of people wonder how branding differs from marketing or public relations. Today, we’re starting with the basics of branding and laying out just what it is that we do. 

First of all, the word “branding” means different things to different people. Put simply, branding is the compilation of everything your business is putting out in the world and how people are perceiving it. So, branding is every little thing that contributes to how consumers perceive your business.

Now, who needs a branding firm? Well, if you are reading this post there might be a chance you do. Branding firms are for anyone who wants to control and convey their company’s message of who they are.

For instance, our clients are normally either businesses that want to improve the way they are perceived by customers, or companies that are starting from scratch and need direction.

We truly welcome both.

It All Starts With Strategy for a Branding Firm

For businesses that need to improve, we always start with a solid strategy. After all, rebranding a business is just revolutionizing it. We do not want to change the brand awareness you already have established. We want to improve the way you convey your business in a new, compelling way. 

On the other hand, creating a new brand is a little different. Here we must first help you figure out who you are, who you’re trying to reach, and determine the best way to do that. We do this with a thorough strategy that gets to the heart of your business. Here’s how that goes down.

The Discovery Consulting Session

We start with a discovery consulting session, here, we sit down with your team and dive deep to discover the truth about your organization. We ask a few questions like how did you start, what are trying to accomplish, and who is your target to reach. These questions help us get to the bottom of what you are trying to do: your purpose as a business that we want to convey through your branding. 

During these sessions, the open-ended discussions help us bring to light many things. They can confirm our assumptions about you or expose missing pieces and missed opportunities throughout your brand.

The Branding Firm Design Process

After we have accomplished who you are and how you want to be perceived, we start to figure out a plan on how to create that perception through your branding.

This plan will help us then create the design elements necessary to reach your goal. We start by creating foundational brand elements: your logo, color palette, and brand direction that will 

This helps us make sure that everything and anything your customers experience conveys the brand. 

As, we set the tone with initial designs, we then create a brand guidelines book. This helps anyone who works on materials for your company to adhere to the rules. 

At the end, a branding firm is not here just to create pretty things. We make sure we create a story for your brand that can be communicated throughout all available outlets. We find messaging that drives your goals, as we consult with your senior management and marketing executives. Campaigns will be run that garner results, and we do this by presenting you a clear and concise reporting and analytics. We create value for your business that will ultimately translate into real results. After all, the better your branding, the more your customers will relate, the better your sales will be, and the happier your execs and employees will be. 

Here, we have added a few examples to show you just how amazing branding can be. 





P.S., We worked on one of these, do you know which? 

Well, after reading this, if you are ready to rebrand your business or even start from scratch with an amazing idea. We would love to have a conversation with you, so holla at your girls!

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