If you look at all the branded materials around you, chances are you’re going to find some really amazing design and also some really terrible design. Unless, of course, you’re sitting in our office. We only have the good stuff around here.

A lot of people think they can’t really tell the difference between good and bad design, but we know you can give us a good example of branding and a bad example of branding. People do it subconsciously all the time. When faced with two choices between a well-branded company and a poorly-branded company, the well-branded business takes the cake every time.

Today we’re explaining if good design really matters. (Hint: yes). But we’re also going to tell you why it matters. If you’re thinking about working with a graphic design firm in Franklin, this should encourage you to see all the benefits that great graphic design can bring to your business.

Building Brand Loyalty

What do you think of when you think of Target? Do you think about Target products or just Target itself? We’d bet that you think about the experience of shopping at Target. Target brings up good feelings, largely because a lot of effort and care has been put into building brand loyalty; converting customers into faithful brand advocates.

Great design is a huge factor in almost every aspect of the Target brand experience. Everything from the logo to the colors of the baskets, their social media, their weekly ads, their exterior and the organization of the store was carefully crafted to create a positive customer journey. This foundation of good design creates a positive experience so customers choose Target time and time again.

Securing Leads + Interest

We hate to say it, but there really is no excuse for businesses that aren’t bringing in business with branding that isn’t aligned or is just plain ugly. When external-facing brand elements are poorly designed, it’s hard for your target audience to take you seriously enough to convert into customers.

Each piece of your brand that potential customers see should be strategically designed to capture interest, deliver value and align with your brand. A knowledgeable graphic design firm in Franklin can think through each aspect and angle of your graphic design pieces and strategize until they work for you.

Big Reputation, Big Reputation

Taylor Swift said it best – big reputations come whether you try to create them or not. When you invest in your graphic design, you invest in the reputation that your branding is creating for you.

If word of mouth isn’t spreading the word for you, there has to be something out there that’s grabbing attention and converting customers. Your graphic design can be that piece if it’s properly aligned and well-made.

Ready to Work With a Graphic Design Firm in Franklin?

So now that you’re aware of all the benefits of great graphic design, the ball is in your court. Are you ready to take your company’s graphic design to the next level? Reach out to the team at Nice Branding Agency and let us start tackling your graphic design.

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