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Acoustical Services

When we were approached by our client at Acoustical Services, we were surprised to find out that they had been operating without a working website. Come to find out, working on referrals alone and not having a web presence wasn't all that uncommon among their peers. But for Acoustical Services, it was time to take their business to the next level.


The most pressing need for this project was the website design, but first we sought to truly understand our client’s business before moving into brand development, and then ultimately, website design and development.

Acoustical Services is a Central Florida-based company that installs sound panels, insulation and acoustical ceilings in restaurants, offices, medical facilities, and more. The company’s craftsmanship and service are unparalleled in their area, and they needed updated branding to mirror their reputation.

We recommended our business branding package, which would equip the business with a logo design, professional stationery design, and a custom WordPress website. We started by issuing a creative questionnaire that would allow us to garner all of the important information from our client prior to starting the project.


The first steps in our branding process are always research and strategy. So our branding experts took to their sketchbooks to draw out a variety of directions for the logo design project. Based on our own internal research and the  information provided in the creative questionnaire, we knew that we wanted to our strategy for the logo to feature the company’s role in sound management.

Additionally, we wanted to keep it classy. One of the primary notes from the client regarding what they were hoping to achieve with a brand new brand, was a professional appearance.

Our sketched concepts featured logo designs that incorporated icons nodding to sound reverberation, and the acoustical panels the company installs to mitigate the impact of noise. There were a few ways in which we thought we could portray the acoustical panels, so we sketched those options out for consideration.


Sketches in hand, our logo design experts presented the concepts created to our design leaders. Our Creative Director and Director of Design reviewed the concepts and vetted them for viability. Our goal was to create a logo design that provides a platform for telling the company’s story. So, our branding experts looked closely to ensure that the ideas would in fact provide that platform.

Additionally, the directors of design are assessing the concepts for longevity. We ultimately want to create logo designs that will serve our clients well for the next 8-10 years or so. So, with the Acoustical Services logo, we were committed to creating something on-trend and relatively timeless as well.

Finally, we double-checked the questionnaire to determine whether the logo concepts created would serve the client’s ask and align with the goals and expectations stated.

Our branding experts decided that there were two of the concepts presented that we would develop digitally. These included the concept utilizing the sound amplification icon as the letter c in Acoustical, as well as the option using acoustical panels to create an icon that also formed the letter A.

Additionally, our senior design team requested that the third option be comprised primarily of the business acronym, but with a slightly slanted line atop the letter I to indicate an acoustical panel.


Based on our branding process, our logo designers would digitally develop three options. The first option created included a clean and modern type, with a graphic depiction of sound amplification taking the place of the letter c in the word Acoustical. The logo was set on an energetic green color to convey modern confidence, while the logo itself was comprised of a bright white font with a black accent.

The second logo option developed was set on a blue background to convey professionalism and competence. However, a teal color was introduced to make the logo more modern and approachable. The icon for this logo was created from a set of acoustical ceiling panels. Color was implemented throughout the icon to take the shape of an A, for Acoustical. The type here was also a sans serif, but in a slightly more stylistic form to convey the customization of services provided by our client. The teal color from the icon was brought into the “Inc” tagline in order to balance the logo and draw the eye across from left to right.

The final logo presented was the option requested by our design directors. Here, we created a logo icon from the business name acronym. The type was then set to the right of the icon to state the complete business name. The setup of this logo provides immense flexibility for the brand. The full logo can be utilized as needed, however, the acronym icon is bold enough to stand on its own to represent the brand.

You’ll notice that the top of the letter I is slightly slanted. This is a very subtle nod to the nature of the business, as it represents a ceiling panel used to manage acoustics.

The color palette here was loosely based on what you might expect to find in the construction industry (yellow and black), but in shades that are completely unique.


We gathered the logo options and scheduled a presentation with our clients. Here, we hopped on a screen share and walked through each of the logo designs. We explained the meaning behind the logos, and talked through how we envisioned each of the logos working for the business. Upon presentation, our client selected the third option presented. They were drawn to the big, bold acronym icon and felt that the setup worked well for their company.


As noted in the creative questionnaire, our clients were looking for a very sleek and professional image. While they were 100% onboard with the bones of the logo, they were hoping for a more sophisticated palette, yet one that would still stand out from the rest.

We presented several color palette options that would answer the ask, however, the client settled on a color combo that was truly unique and memorable.

We implemented a copper foil over a dark granite grey, and set against a warm white. The selected logo was prepared to include a setup with just the icon and a stacked version of the full logo.


We finalized the logo and selected color codes in CMYK, RGB, PMS and web tones. Then, we created a complete set of logo files, including PDF, JPEG, EPS, and PNG. We provided the logo in all black, all white, and full color. We also provided a logo guidelines sheet that included the fonts, color palette, and general guidelines for using the logo. With the completion of the logo, we had completed a crucial step in our business branding process.


We then created a beautiful business card. We incorporated brand colors, utilizing a copper foil that would really elevate the look of the cards and bring a sophistication to the branding. We love the way the colors work together with the foil element, and simplicity of the final business card we created. It communicates the professionalism of the business in an eye-catching design.


Next, we transferred the logo design to the rest of the corporate stationery package. We created new letterhead, envelope, and message card designs in their new look. Acoustical Services is now equipped with a professional suite of stationery that to help them communicate with vendors, customers, and partners.


We started the website project by creating out a sitemap to ensure that all pages necessary would be accounted for as we began the planning. Typically, we would look at the client’s existing website to determine what should say and what should go / be redirected, and what we should add. However, in this instance, there was no existing site. So we could start fresh.


Additionally, we determined where the website would be hosted. Our website hosting platform is the most robust solution for WordPress websites. We ensure fast page-load speeds and minimal downtime. Plus, we take daily backups, so should the website go down, we can get it back up quickly. Additionally, our web developer takes a cruise through our hosted websites monthly to make any necessary updates.

Acoustical Services decided that it would be best to have us host their website. This would make it super-simple for us to launch the website when the design and development were complete.


With the admin stuff sorted out, we moved into the strategic phase of the website design project. We started with a website wireframe. Here we are able to really look at the customer journey through the website. We want to provide the user with the information that he or she desires upon every scroll, nudging them to clear calls to action that will create conversions. In the wireframe phase, we focus completely on user experience.

We cleared the header navigation of any clutter and simplified the journey through the website. We first told the user what the client offered them. It was important that this could be understood by anyone within 3 seconds of landing on the homepage. Then, we provided information about the services and the industries services. Clear calls to action were placed throughout the website to encourage the user to reach out.


Next, we got started designing. We filled the website wireframe with the new brand look, well-placed call to actions, and on-brand images. We wanted to convey the importance of sound and acoustics, while still keeping the user journey simple with direct calls to action. The brand colors were laid over images to keep the website design aligned with the professional image, but also to keep the look versatile enough to speak to clients in various industries with varying needs.

During the design phase, we also worked through the development of the website copy, which was instrumental in determining the brand voice for Acoustical Services. In writing the website words, we created copy that could be used throughout all of their communications to connect with their customers. This copy filled the website, consistently engaging viewers and drawing them in toward to the calls to action and the goal of getting business for our client.

The website pages were presented to the client via PDF for review and approval before we moved into the website development phase. Since the structure was already approved, and the brand look and feel came directly from the logo design, there were just a few tweaks we made to the wording to finalize the design of the website.


With the website design approved, we set to work exporting assets and preparing instructions so that our developer could build the website from the ground up. We develop custom WordPress websites. The WordPress platform allows us the flexibility we need to create custom-designed websites, while also making it simple for our clients to be able to make updates to key content themselves once the website is launched.

In addition to the custom-design and development, we built the website for Acoustical Services to be SEO-ready. This means that we used clean code, proper heading structure, proper URL structure, mobile responsiveness, and more to create a website that would be looked upon kindly by the search engines.

When the website was developed, we provided our client with a link to review the website online before making it live on their domain.


With the staged site approved, we did a thorough check of all pages against the design on both desktop and mobile, as well as a test of all buttons and forms to ensure functionality.

We then migrated the website to a live state, installed an SSL, and submitted the URL to the search engines. Our last step here was another check of all pages on desktop and mobile for design precision, and a final test of forms and buttons completed the project.

We gathered the site files and created a quick training video to show our clients how to update key content on the website themselves. Then we sent over the login information to the backend of WordPress with admin access.


To closeout the project, we prepared and shared a folder containing all logo files and guidelines, website files and a training video, and print-ready stationery files.


Is this project sounding like just what you need? Contact us today and we can equip you with a logo design, stationery package, and custom WordPress website.

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