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Dental Milling Solutions

Dental Milling Solutions was using their parent company's brand, but felt a need to differentiate their lab from the other aspects of the parent company's business.

Dental Milling Solutions came to us with a need for a brand that would differentiate their business from their parent company.

Based on their need, we determined that our small business branding package would perfectly equip them with a new logo, a professional stationery package, and an SEO-ready website. The lab specializes in creating full arch zirconia implant restorations, a unique type of dental implant, and we wanted to make sure that this differentiator took center stage.


The first thing we tackled was the logo for the lab. They had previously been operating with no logo and a name that was an extension of that of their parent company. A new logo would certainly be an improvement that would allow the company to establish brand awareness on their own merit.

To denote the medical and technical aspect of the brand, we focused on creating a logo that indicated the precision of their work, as well as the artistic nature of the craft of creating teeth.

Many similar businesses utilize logos that resemble dental molds. However, our client didn’t want their logo to incorporate teeth or implants in any form or fashion. Instead, we sought to differentiate DMS from other labs with a more streamlined look that played on their process. The overlapping letters are precise, yet they flow together artfully. The places of intersection indicate the lab’s work with the patient and the oral surgeon to create custom implants that are perfect for the patient.

The acronym DMS alone serves as the icon, while the full logo includes the acronym and the full business name. Either can be used, depending on the application.


Next, we took the logo and designed three versions of a business card for DMS.

The first option implemented grey tones in geometric shapes to create a dimensional pattern. The second version used a blue gradient in the DMS shades of blue. The last option created a pattern from the logo icon.

We presented the options to the client, and they selected the third option. We suggested printing the card with spot UV to showcase the pattern and create a silky-soft, custom look and feel.


Our next step was to transfer the branding to the rest of the DMS stationery suite. The medical aspect of the company dictated that we keep the letterhead, envelope and stationery card super simple. Once approved, we printed and delivered the custom stationery straight to our client for use within the lab.


We completed the small business branding package with a custom WordPress website. Building the website on WordPress would equip our client with a solid content management system that would allow them to update their website from within the walls of their office.

We started with wireframes to ensure that the user experience would be specifically tailored to the needs of the business and the goals for the website. Our client’s goal for the website was to encourage oral surgeons, dentists, and dental offices to order implants. It was that simple. So the site was created to appeal to users engaging in a business to business transaction, and we developed a blueprint for the website that would speak to someone who had an existing knowledge of the industry. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that we were showcasing their differentiator — the full arch zirconia implant. This product / service took its rightful position in the homepage header, flanked by branded copy that conveyed the message, “We focus on one type of restoration, and we do it better.”

Our website design aligned with the strategy for the wireframes, and we created a streamlined aesthetic. We showcased each of their services in a compelling, yet concise way, highlighting the most unique aspects of their business to make them stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, we created a custom form that would allow potential customers to send a case straight from the website.

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