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Keith Williams + Associates

As we worked on creating the Keith Williams + Associates brand, we created a bold logo, a professional business card and a killer WordPress website to represent the incredible work that Keith Williams does.

For our client, Keith Williams + Associates, we created a bold logo, a professional business card and a killer WordPress website to represent the incredible work that Keith Williams does for Critical Access Hospitals. First, we dove deep into the ins and outs of Keith’s business. Basically, his job is to review Medicare and Medicaid cost reports for Critical Access Hospitals to help them minimize their overpayments and maximize federal reimbursements. He then works with the team at the hospital to train them so that future reports and operations are optimized with regard to obtaining the best outcome.


To kick off this Nashville branding project, we had our client fill out a logo questionnaire so we could learn what Keith had in mind for his logo.

In his questionnaire, Keith explained that his main goals were to communicate to potential partners that his services were professional, thorough, and affordable and that he himself was trustworthy and experienced.

His name and reputation was a huge part of his brand, so we used his initials in most of the logo options we created that we presented to him.

The final option that Keith selected is mostly blue and gray to convey the wisdom, solidity, trust, and wisdom of his business. It incorporates his initials, woven together into a recognizable design with a bold font to entice the viewer and help Keith stand out.


Once the KWA logo was finalized, we worked on creating a few business card design options for Keith. We kept to a standard business card size and utilized the established brand color palette throughout each version of our designs.

The business card needed to make a lasting, professional impression and be a strong networking tool for Keith.

In the end, we finalized an option that highlighted his URL and featured a clean, modern aesthetic. We printed the card on silk stock to convey a confident and calm presence, and to make the card memorable among those who received it.


The rest of the stationery suite adopted the new logo design into a professional set of assets. We created an updated letterhead and envelope suite to accompany the new business card design.


Securing the URL was a significant win for SEO.

With that in our back pocket, we jumped into the wireframes, where we organized the content of the site, prioritizing calls to action to partner with KWA and highlighting the benefits of working with Keith. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to understand what the business offers, who benefits, and how to enroll. The company offers a 100% risk-free analysis to potential customers. Here, he will review the cost reports for free and if he doesn’t find anything, the client doesn’t have to pay. Having a carrot like this to entice viewers to take action, is key. We used this throughout the website, along with a custom form on a landing page dedicated just to enrolling for the risk-free analysis.

With the wireframe all mapped out, we worked on the design. We translated his new branding into the website, using the brand colors and fonts throughout with a brand voice that matched the elements we had already developed. Once the design was approved, we developed the site from a mobile-first perspective and confirmed that the site was completely mobile-responsive before we launched.

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