Our process for website design creates impactful web presences for new and existing businesses. We not only build sites for new businesses, but we also help businesses rebrand and a new website is a natural extension of the project. Either way, our focus is on design that creates conversions through bold imagery, catchy headlines and clear CTA’s.

Is Your Site Driving Sales?

To see how your site is holding up, consider your customer’s journey through your website. When a viewer arrives on your homepage, what do they do next? Are they able to discern what your business does within three seconds of seeing your site?

If users can’t easily articulate next steps shortly after landing on your homepage, that’s a problem.

Nowadays, bounce rates show how quickly people click off your site if they don’t see what they need. They just won’t dig around to find what they want any longer than they have to.

But how do you fix a site that just isn’t cutting it? Read on for details about our web design project for Stuart’s Plumbing.

Stuart’s Plumbing Logo Design + Stationery Design

Let’s start at the beginning. This project didn’t begin with the website, rather it started with a complete overhaul of the brand through our small business branding package. The first project we took on was the logo design. Stuart sought us out to update his brand mark into a more professional logo as he was preparing to update his fleet of vehicles.

We created a new logo, utilizing a palette of blues. Emotionally, blue represents honesty and trustworthiness, which we wanted to get across for Stuart.

We created a faucet icon out of the “T” in “Stuart’s” so that viewers will see the cheeky side of the business.

small business logo

Next, we developed a speckled texture and an icon pattern with the “SP” to use throughout the stationery suite. The final stationery design was polished and professional.

small business stationery

Stuart’s Plumbing Web Design Lakeland

Our client was super into the new brand we created and wanted to launch it on his website to showcase it. However, our client already worked with an SEO company that managed their website.

So, for this project, the Nice Branding Agency team took on the wireframes and preparation of website assets. We left the development and implementation up to Stuart’s SEO company.

small business website

This is definitely not our ideal way to work on a website. We have in-house developers, which allows seamless communication between our design and development, resulting in a superior end product. However, when we work on a project where we are designing a site but not developing it, we include a round of revisions for the developer so we can make sure that the final site is as close to our design as possible.

To improve the existing site, we started off by reorganizing the content that was already on the site through our wireframe process. We reordered the pages and the content from a mobile-first perspective to create an on-brand site that was clear and easy to navigate.

Sidenote: nowadays, websites don’t need mobile versions, they need to be designed from a mobile-first perspective. The means that we are working on the wireframe and design to appear as intended on mobile before we even consider desktop. The finished product is a website that is fully-responsive on most screen sizes, thereby eliminating the need for a “mobile-view”.

Ok, back to the business. One of our main priorities was to streamline the navigation header at the top of the page so that users could find the pages they need.

Next, we designed each page and filled them with compelling CTA’s, insightful copy and enticing photos.

In the end, our client decided that he wanted to keep his original website design, which is why you won’t see the streamlined one we created live on his www today.

Do You Need Web Design Lakeland?

Your website is a foundational brand element for your business. Here, you can provide the user an optimized, branded experience that compels them to action. And a priority on user experience is sure to give you a leg up on the competition. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on a small business branding package, including a custom WordPress website, reach out to the Nice team. We’re more than ready to get started conveying your brand story to and helping you convert web visitors to customers.

ready to brand your small business?